Thursday, September 11, 2008

Garagesale Gems

A few weekends ago I was in Southern Ontario visiting my cousin and her family.
Garages sales are a big thing there, so we spent a few hours driving around on the Saturday, pulling into any garage sale that looked interesting.
While most stops yielded a few curiosities, I walked away from one in particular with some very interesting finds.
Its reassuring to know that it's still possible to have fun for less than $10.

Fundamentals of Layout F. H. Wills
For Newspaper and Magazine Advertising, For Page Design of Publications and Brochures.
Copyright 1965.


"Every layout man must be able to hand letter Roman type in its basic form as skeleton type, for it is the foundation of all layout work. Begin with a lettering pen and change later to a pencil or pointed pen when you have learned how to make the character."

At the same sale I found a cardboard fruit basket full of old wooden blocks. There were also a few worn dominoes. Very wabi sabi.

Not pictured: I have a thing for vintage packaging, and I found a reproduction of an old Maxwell House coffee tin design. It's currently one of the eclectic pieces decorating my patent's place.

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